Real Food Catering offers unsurpassed good food made with the love of cooking by Duang Tengtrirat.

 Duang cooks from her certified kitchen in a northeast suburb of Melbourne, Australia among the gum trees. Kangaroos and Kookaburras come by almost daily. She grows most of the vegetables and herbs used in her cooking.

Duang loves to cook. This passion started in northern Thailand and followed her to various parts of the US and now to Melbourne. Cooking is her utmost delight; it is her craft. Cooking brings much joy to her days and it is second only to talking about food. The very best part is when she shares her cooking from produce that she grows and turns it into food for friends and colleagues.

If you live in Nillumbik Shire, Manningham or Banyule and are looking for food suitable for meetings, workshops or conferences, please take a look at the menus. Duang firmly believes that good food not only nourishes the body but also the spirit. It starts with good ingredients lovingly grown and finishes with knowledge and wisdom from generations of great cooks, advice and ideas of present day cooks. More than likely you will find something that meets your needs and expectation.



p: 0433 448 036