Finger Food menu

Hot Foods

Cheesy quesadilla with corn tortillas (GF,V)

Spanakopita (V)

Spring rolls (GF,V)

Stuffed mushroom caps (V)

Upside-down mushrooms tartlets (V)

Caramelized onion tartlets (V)

Gruyere and parmesan fritters (V)

Arancini (V)

Crispy ravioli (V)

Chicken quesadilla with corn tortillas (GF)

Bacon wrapped potatoes (GF)

Chicken satay with cashew sauce (GF)

Feta and olive meatballs

Crustless bacon quiche (GF)

Cold Foods

Feta and tomato frittata (GF,V)

Fresh vegetable rice paper rolls with sauce (GF,V)

Fresh chicken rice paper rolls (GF)

Caprese skewers (tomatoes, basil and bocconcini) (GF,V)

Thai tuna sliders

Thai chicken lettuce cup (GF)

Thai tofu lettuce cup (GF,V)

Cucumber canape with feta, semi dried tomatoes and basil (GF,V)

Assorted sushi (GF)

Onigiri (Japanese rice balls) (GF,V)

Something Sweet

Brownie Squares

Lemon slice

Summer berry tartlets

Blueberry lemon cake

Chocolate coconut bliss balls

Gluten free sweets made with almond meal (add $1/person)

Brownie squares

Orange almond mini cake

Orange chocolate cake

Chocolate bliss balls


Pricing for Finger foods 

The pricing is based on a number of items per person basis.

For example, if you'd like 6 items per person, select six items only from the above hot, cold or sweet list.

$16  -   4 items per person

$21.50 -   6 items per person

$26 -   8 items per person

$32  -  10 items per person 

The same items are ordered for each person.



Lunch/Dinner Menu


Thai Curry “in a box”, Chicken or Veggies with Jasmine rice or rice medley served with fresh green salad dressed with lime and sesame oil (GF)

Pita Pocket Filled with Chicken Salad, or Falafel served with yogurt and coriander/mint on a bed of salad

Three Rice Paper Rolls with Chicken or Marinated Tofu and Seasonal Vegetables served with rice vermicelli salad and roasted cashew dressing (GF)

Hearty Quinoa, Kale and Cranberry Salad, choice of grilled haloumi or poached chicken breast, served with flourless savoury muffin (GF)

Hearty Taco Salad served in a tortilla bowl, choice of vegetarian or chicken

Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Tart, served with green salad and balsamic vinaigrette dressing


Pricing for Lunch/Dinner menu

$15 / person which includes one Main and one Sweet.

Please state your option of vegetarian or chicken for each item when ordering.


To order please contact Duang 

p: 0433 448 036